Billy Graham said, “Being a Christian is more than an instantaneous conversion, it’s a daily process whereby you grow more and more like Christ. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost… when health is lost, something is lost… when character is lost, all is lost.” 



Arise Kids is a Discipleship and Outreach program for kids and teens age 4 - 12th grade offered through LifePointe Fellowship Church. Our mission is to train youth to reach others through three avenues; the arts, including song, dance, and drama, the Word of God, and worship.  Students will STUDY the Bible together, in age-appropriate levels, learn to SERVE, and use their talents to SHARE Jesus with others. 


Below are the class options:



Age 4 - Kindergarten -  "Little Lights"

  • Sunday evenings 5-6pm. Discipleship & Outreach. $45 monthly. Students will learn a Bible lesson each week, sing and dance, memorize scriptures, act out Bible stories, and in the end, have a lesson they can share with others through music. 


1st - 6th grade -  "Shine"


  • FREE Kids Discipleship class,  Sundays, 5-6pm. Students will be taught the Bible in-depth and on their level. They will look up and memorize scriptures, discuss how the Bible applies to their lives and learn to share it with others.


  • Outreach Tracks, Sundays 6-7pm - $45 monthly. Choose Dance, Praise Team, or Worship (vocals or instruments.) Beginner Keyboard group class is offered Sundays 4-5pm with Mr. Brandon.



  • Dance - Students will learn a variety of dance types using Christian music. They will explore contemporary, jazz, and hip hop throughout the year and perform at outreaches including nursing homes & churches. - $45/month.


  • Praise Team: Sing, Dance, Act! - Students will sing and dance to popular Christian Pop and praise & worship music and learn skits based on Bible stories to perform at outreaches. - $45/month


  • Worship  - Students will work on praise & worship music, either vocals or instrumentals, with teachers who are trained in these areas. Their class goal is to learn about worship and eventually be able to lead worship for kid's church and local outreaches.  Available Instruments include; beginner keyboard, guitar, & drums. Vocalists and advanced instrument students sign up for "Worship Band". More information will be emailed upon registration for these options. $45/month 



Teens 7th - 12th grade - "the 99" 







In these classes, students will be taught according to their chosen track and then have local "OUTREACHES."  These outreaches can include; leading kid's church, doing special songs/skits/dances for Sunday morning services, community festivals, events at other local churches, nursing homes, missions trips, service projects, and more.



Other details: Tracks run September - December & January - May. Students can change tracks in September and January. Awards and class graduation will occur in May. June - August will be mission trips and community outreach camps as well as fun events and get-togethers for all ages. Registration is online through LifePointe Fellowship's website. Sibling discount is $10 off each child after the first. All staff and volunteers undergo a background check and training. You do not need to be a member of LifePointe to participate in or volunteer for Arise classes. These are community-wide.  If you have a church or are hosting an event and would like Arise classes to come minister,  please contact us.



God is calling a generation to ARISE from the crowd, stand out, and SHINE a LIGHT so bright that it will draw others to it. These kids will be leaders, full of character, and lead by love.  I believe they can make a difference in their homes, their schools, their communities, and wherever they go. They will learn to PRAY, SEEK God, and OBEY Jesus in everything.

(Isaiah 60)


Let's equip a generation to ARISE!





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