Billy Graham said, “Being a Christian is more than an instantaneous conversion, it’s a daily process whereby you grow more and more like Christ. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost… when health is lost, something is lost… when character is lost, all is lost.” 



Arise Kids is a Discipleship and Outreach program for kids and teens age 4 - 12th grade offered through LifePoint Church. Our mission is to train this generation to know and serve Jesus & to reach others with His Word.  Students will STUDY the Bible together, in age-appropriate levels, learn to SERVE, and use their talents to SHARE Jesus with others. 


due to covid-19, our classes have moved to zoom. We are still training up this generation, but it looks a little different.


Below are the class options for fall 2020:


1st grade - 12th grade

 Sept. 13 - Nov. 15th - Registration is OPEN NOW!


  • FREE Discipleship/Mentorship BIBLE STUDY on ZOOM,        

  • Sundays, 5-6pm.

  • 5-5:30 Lesson. 5:30-6 Small group. 

This is a class for those who want to go deeper with their relationship with God. Our goal is to offer a firm foundation of faith that will give these young people a sturdy place to build their lives. We will study the Bible, look up and memorize scriptures, participate in challenges to share their faith, discuss how the Bible applies to their lives, & learn to share it with others. Lead by Pastor Amy Holt.

 (Groups will be divided by grade for small group Bible Study)


  • Our semester theme is: 














  • Outreach Classes (directly after Bible study),

  • Sundays 6-6:30pm



Choose 2 classes per semester. Each is 5 weeks long.


Spirit-Led Writing with Mrs. Jessica - Inspire others with the written word. Students will be challenged to write sermons, poems, and encouragements based on scriptures, and share them with others. 


Crafting with Mrs. Heather - Be a blessing to someone else by creating inspirational craft projects and giving them away. Students will create 3 projects, one to keep and 2 to give away.


Canvas Painting with Ms. Sarah - Students will showcase their creativity on canvases that will be auctioned off for Missions. Paintings will be based on the Bible study topics.


TicTok for Jesus with Ms. Abby - If you love making videos, this class is for you! We will create an Arise Tic Tok account and students will make videos that will be posted on Tic-Tok using popular Christian music and spoken encouragements. These will be posted for outreach. Students will shoot videos at home of what is taught, send to us, and we will edit and post.  (Students will not be getting the app for themselves.) Videos will also be posted to Facebook and Instagram for further outreach.


Worship Sign Language with Ms. Promise - Students will learn sign language to a popular Worship song and make a finale video to share online. 

Teen Internship - Students will participate in Bible study, help lead a small group for younger students, and assist the teacher in an outreach class of their choice. This is for High School students only. 


*For outreach classes, it is the responsibility of the student to purchase and have available all supplies needed for the painting, crafting, etc. A list will be provided several weeks before classes begin.




God is calling a generation to ARISE from the crowd, stand out, and SHINE a LIGHT so bright that it will draw others to it. These kids will be leaders, full of character, and lead by love.  I believe they can make a difference in their homes, their schools, their communities, and wherever they go. They will learn to PRAY, SEEK God, and OBEY Jesus in everything.

(Isaiah 60)


Let's equip a generation to ARISE!



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