What is so special about PopStar Performers?

PopStar Performers is a unique performance group that specializes in capturing your child’s potential. PopStar Performers creates an opportunity for children to sing and dance to their favorite artists as well as learning music that their parents grew up on. We create a comfortable environment for kids, of any experience level, to be a STAR. Most importantly, we help build their confidence, which in turn affects other areas of their life. Even the shyest of children can flourish in this nurturing enviroment. You will watch them blossom on stage!



What is the commitment?


Students attend class for 1 hour per week to learn vocals and choreography for the upcoming show. We perform at the end of the seasons. November/December and then again in April/May. We usually have 1 studio performance and one local festival performance.



Who does PopStar Performers Benefit?


Our goal is to bring out the best in every group member. All different kinds of students can benefit:
-Children that want to know what it’s like to be a PopStar
-Kids that are naturally shy and want to build confidence and self esteem
-Pageant Contestants
-Dance Students
-Theater Students
-Vocal students
- Parents! They get to watch their child blossom on stage and perform at local festivals, fairs and events throughout the year.

Are there expensive costumes?

No.  We try our best to keep costumes minimal. Expect to pay $65-$80 max. for a costume for the year. 


What does my child wear to class?

Tennis shoes, dance sneakers or jazz shoes and clothes he or she is comfortable moving in.