Private Piano, Voice, Guitar, or Drums offered by classically trained Instrumentalist, Brandon Willis.

Private lesson with Mr. Brandon:

$100 per month for a 30 minute lesson weekly.

$180 per month for a 1 hour lesson weekly.

(Cost is prorated instead of charged per lesson. Most months have 4 lessons, but there are weeks with 5 and weeks with 3. Due to the full schedule, there are no makeup times offered unless it's the fault of the instructor.)


Times are scheduled on a first come first served basis 1 time per week, run all year and are auto charged to a card on file on the first of the month. There is a one time $20 registration fee charged per student.  No refunds will be made. 
Goals of each student will be discussed with the instructor during the first lesson to ensure we are working to meet the individual instrumental or vocal goals of each student.
Mini-Voice Lesson: Added to an Arise Class
All participating Students have an opportunity to join our mini vocal lessons each week. This is a vocal training session that is either before, after, or during Arise Class. Each soloist works with one of our instructors on 1 song for that season that they get to perform at outreaches.
Mini-Vocal class is $40/month additional.
10 minute time slots per week are available and fill up FAST.
We will work with students on the basics of breathing, diction, pitch, proper vowels, posture, performance and more.
Email to register or for more info.
(All songs will be cut to be an age appropriate length. 1-2.5min depending on your child's age. Please tell the Vocal Director at the beginning of the season which song you want your child to sing. If a song is not provided by you, the Vocal director will help them choose the best song for them. If the song your child wants is already taken, we will help them choose another song.)